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I love Zurich

08.04.2014 um 19:08

Most people may ask me why do you like the city of Zurich that much, well i will answer, Zurich might be a small city but it offfer quiet a lot, for a tiny city as it is. In Zurich for instance, u will never get bored if u are financially heathlty, i mean of course it is an expansive City like most Buziness City around the Globe, but who could live in Zurich should also be abble to effort his living cost, even if it that high, i guess it also offert plenty opportunity. But what tend to Change lately and what i do not like it s those bouncer working in differents clubs now in Zurich, i mean most of them are from abroad, they are not from here, and i just do not like the way they threat some of us, and it just start to anoid me a bit, but beside that u could also enjoy goin to a movie, or for a walk even at midnite, and nobody would bothered you, i guess thats the reason why it attrack our neighbor the German so much....Long Live Zurich with ur Multikulti, and ur Famous party ...and crazy lak side in the summer, i cant wait to check it out soon on summer with th sexy girl on bikinis. from he

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