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Meine Worte

I am 27 years old, Dutch, working in the broad field of and passionate about human rights and gender equality. I love doing modern dance, (contact) improvisation, traveling, being in nature (although parks sometimes also do the trick), hanging out with friends either at home or in a café, good weather, hanging out with housemates, building stuff out of scrap wood, staring in front of me, chatting away, cooking nice veggie food, and listening to music/going to small concerts (all in the following categories: Rock, folk, world music, reggae, Balkan, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, jazz and minimal classical). Perhaps important information: I am not (yet) fluent in French, but would manage to have a basic conversation.

Ich suche

At the end of March i will be moving to Geneva for work and am looking for a nice place to live. So far I have mostly shared houses with friends or housemates who have become friends and would like to have this again, so I am really looking for a new place to call home. I have been living in a few countries so far, but will now be moving from the Netherlands.
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