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Traditionally speaking,

Traditionally speaking,


Although I don't much hold this day (Feb 14) in high esteem - I mean let's face it, how can anyone really get off on such a commercialized luvy-duvy-fest? But I do have a little tradition. And by that I mean something I've been doing every V-day, bec... [mehr]
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"And as words go out of sight into mind They go out of heart into thoughts unkind." "Though to lie is to create, not destroy Lies do not add up, and one truth ends all." "The world can be said in words lest you lose yourself in a whorl of wordiness." "Puppets of providence were we tonight." "For all the worldly wisdom in my head I am a fool at heart."

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Lidana 22.08.2010 um 19:24
daaaankööööö =))
livvi 19.05.2010 um 21:33
hey mr. awesome - your books certainly are! again, thx - especially norton's is really useful right now .-) cheerio
oasis20 07.03.2010 um 10:41
testiculartastically. new word for the OED? just don't know what it actually means or what I'm trying to say. no, the exams have been going great so far. 3 down, 3 to go.
oasis20 25.02.2010 um 16:56
they didn't have the chocolate one
oasis20 24.02.2010 um 17:51
'Nur' Halbmarathon, aber den Marathon mach ich dann sicher auch noch!
Vivace 24.02.2010 um 09:24
sind das marathon oder halbmarathon föteli? =)
oasis20 18.02.2010 um 19:36
HAHAHA, told you! as to your prediction: depends if you ate the big bucket of ice-cream or just a wee little one..
oasis20 14.02.2010 um 22:45
I'm not non-facebook. I just don't use it much and I don't really like it. But it does have its uses nonetheless. It's great for organising events, for example. Or for keeping in touch with friends abroad.
oasis20 08.02.2010 um 17:45
haha. well I put that up ages ago when this site first introduced the ability, like on stupid facebook, of writing your 'status' for all the world to see... the fact that I haven't changed the status since just about says everything
oasis20 25.01.2010 um 20:59
watch the brilliant South Park version of Great Expectations here: http://www.southpark.de/alleEpisoden/405/?lang=en
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