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There are things in your life who happen and you cannot avoid them,this cause how could you appreciate ever joy if you don't know what pain is, how can you appreciate someone's smile if you don't know what sorrow is. Life is made out of bal ances who have to be lived, even if it's painful,and even if we would prefer to not. But life is a extraordinary journey trough the rainbow of emotions,and life is everything and exactly how you want,it's all in your hand,make choices and never regret them, life is too short to regret,so do anything you wish to,follow your heart,and live your dreams,follow your passion,and never give up!Because we got a gift and it's called life, and it depends on what we do and what we really desire. Don't let you fool you by those who tell you your path is already written,cause its you who have the pen in your hand so write your life!!! ♥ Zara Khan


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My dream day would be the day when all over the world would be peace, peace and love.
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