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I SAY NO FOR ORANGEORANGE stole my iPhone, I haved a problem with the buton and was in warranty for more 6 months, but they said haved a probleme with humidity and for that I loose the warranty and if I wanted MY IPHONE repair was 204 CHF or If I wan... [plus]
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Pictures by Patrick Mettraux ( Switzerland Photographer )

14.05.2010 à 01:06

The photography of Patrick Mettraux

Discover a photographer who celebrates the beauty of urban youth. Brought together for the first time, his pictures reflect the complex versatility of his sense of aesthetic. Bad boys, elegant models and urban lads come together to elaborate a rare visual experience.

model :Lord Maycon Charles

Born in Switzerland, Patrick Mettraux studied photography in Montreal, Canada. Now based in Zurich, Switzerland, he works as a freelance photographer for various model agencies and magazines. His photos and collages have lightened the pages of numerous publications with an unique and sometimes odd sense of creativity.

These meaty men with a cocky hetero attitude playfully and provocatively show themselves to Mettraux’s knowing lens. Bad boys and elegant models in a one-night-stand make for a completely new visual experience. — Bent

So Sexy It Hurts: Patrick MettrauxThese guys are so sexy it hurts! In his book Swiss photographer Patrick Mettraux shows sporty, young men in fresh poses and with inventive accessories. Wild or tender, he presents his breathtaking work centred on a world where fashion meets erotic.

model: Lord Maycon Charles

model: Lord Maycon Charles

model: Lord Maycon Charles The photography of Patrick Mettraux

chun 03.10.2010 à 02:23
good work.
mariocarte 09.09.2010 à 21:54
Amazing, I am your fan and you know that ; -)