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How Long Before Emirates Flight Can You Change?

24.05.2023 à 15:08

If you are looking forward to changing your flight with Emirates Airlines, it is good to know about its flight change policy. Know about the details of changing flights, the rules and policy as well as the charges applicable for changing it.

So, to help you change your flights on Emirates without any hassle, here we have compiled a quick handbook about changing flights on this airline. Learn about when you can change it for free, when you have to pay an applicable fee for it, what you must know before starting with the process to change your Emirates flight, and more.

What is Emirates Flight Rescheduling Policy?

According to the flight rescheduling policy of Emirates, you can change your flight within a period of 11 months to 24 hours before the scheduled flight’s departure. To have a better idea of Emirates change flight policy, let’s take a look at the points mentioned below -

  • You have to pay the difference in flight fare if the next flight that you are booking has fares higher than the original one.

Please note

If the ticket price of your next flight is less than the original one, the airline refunds you the remaining amount.

  • Same day changes on long-haul flights are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to make changes to your Emirates flight booking just one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • You can’t change your flight once you have checked in.
  • A fee per passenger is applicable, if you change your flight within 7 days of the original date of your flight departure.
  • As per the flight change policy of Emirates, you can change your flight scheduled until 24 hours before its departure time. However, you have to pay the fee applicable for any changes.

Is there a Fee for Changing a Flight?

With your flight change, the fare rules will be the same for your booking. For instance, when a ticket booked with a Fare Choices fare has to be changed before the scheduled departure of the flight, the new flight ticket is subject to such conditions.

But you have to pay the difference in fare if there is any change in fare rules of the original booking price. This is applicable when you are done with the booking change and have paid the fees applicable. To know more, talk to a real person at Emirates Airlines.

Can I Avoid Emirates Change Fees?

No one likes to pay charges for changing your flight. However with specific conditions, you can skip the change fee. Here’s how -

  • If there were certain inevitable situations that resulted in your flight change, you need not pay anything for it.
  • Be well-acquainted with the change policy and the validity of your flight ticket. This helps you save yourself from paying the change charges.

  1. When you change your flight or rebook it, while your ticket is still pretty much in its validity period, you need not pay any change fee for it.
  2. If you want to change your flight after the validity period has expired, you have to pay a fee.
To wrap it up, you can change your flight on an Emirates flight in the light of the above mentioned guidelines. The change flight policy of Emirates also assists you knowing better about making changes to your flight booking.