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And I Know … I Know … I Know ...I know what u like I know what u love U want that old thing back U fiend for me nightly U lean for me Morning’ u rush for my touch This is about LUST My presence is a must-must-must In any form, I'm givin u sweet dreams That Sugar Hill, u call me ur sweet thing Just for one night, baby, take me in vein Now that feelin' got u trippin' U no wanna feel no different I know what u like, i am ur prescription I'm ur physician I'm ur addiction baby u love… baby u like… I am so Dope … ur GUILTY PLEASER is me Its so much fun, u shun therapy I'm never around, u constantly seek it U'll never be down, i know where ur peak is We're back together Don't ever leave me Don't ever let 'em tell u that u'll never need me My China White, 'til we D.O.A. Its Montego forever, baby, lets get away.... . . . How could u leave me? I thought that u needed me! When the world got too much and u pleaded with me How could u deny me so vehemently? Now ur body is shakin' trying free it of me And ur soul is in control, trying to lead it from me And ur heart no longer pledge allegiance to me Damn, I'm missing the days when you needed the D

Ma journée idéale

Die sonne lacht mir ins gesicht alles lacht und tanzt ... glühende herzen taumeln im rausch der glückseligkeit ... friede so grenzenlos wie der himmel...
Valo_25 12.02.2010 à 05:51
Valo_25 wünscht dir Happy Valentine!
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu 24.12.2009 à 07:27
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu hat auf dein Profil einen Schneemann gebaut.
GV-Linkaa 04.02.2009 à 10:58
hey süessi, urime ditlindja, t'uroj gjdo te mire, nje jete te gjat dhe t'lumtur kussi
nita_lady 21.12.2008 à 12:17
HaHa jaa geeeL...
gömmer siee ga sueeche
emmster 29.11.2008 à 14:17
emmster vient de se promener sur ton profil.
RedCAT 15.11.2008 à 19:40
RedCAT vient de se promener sur ton profil.
Sweetthaigirl21 29.10.2008 à 01:16
Heee Hübsche frau ;D
Danke für deine Bewertung
Nikitty 26.10.2008 à 23:36
Schöne Frau!
GGasser 24.10.2008 à 01:57
wauuuuuw... ... 100% Prozänt
mverajoy 23.10.2008 à 22:53
bitte,kei problem!!
bish au voll hübsh

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