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I'm outgoing. I'm never bored. I have patience. I love love. I'm not perfect. I know that I dont know it all. I want to be early, but I know I'll be late. I love today and cant wait for tomorrow. I smile at everything. I dont ask for much. I listen and dont learn. I'm just like you, only different. I just want to live before I die. I don't think I'm better than you, but that doesnt mean I think you're better than me.
Valo_25 12.02.2010 à 05:25
Valo_25 wünscht dir Happy Valentine!
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu 24.12.2009 à 06:44
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu hat auf dein Profil einen Schneemann gebaut.