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Tigers have the property of mimicry ( ability to change appearance in harmony with the environment in which the animal is to hide and not be noticed ) but they do not know they have this property themselves. Color similar to their natural habitats wh... [plus]
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And cattle He has created for you, you get out of (clothing) and other hot profits.

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Zebras reminiscent horses at first glance can be defined as pretty horses pajamas. Zebras, just like in horses have hair called 'mane', their body is also created in a similar manner to that of horses and they can run as fast as them.
amandine2 23.11.2013 à 01:52
Our most loyal friends after dogs are horses ; domestic horses never leave their masters.
These animals include more than 25 species can carry us over long distances without tiring. The horse was the animal that has most helped humans throughout history .
Today, there are millions of cars and highways built for them. However , cars are not at the service of man since the last century . In years when was born the grandfather of your grandfather , nobody knew what it meant a car . At that time , the means of transportation and communication were mostly operated by the animals , especially in horses .

Did you know that the age of a horse is calculated from the abrasion of incisors ? His teeth are abraded in time because he eats herbs because they are full of dust and sand. But Allah made very long teeth horses , in the form of long strips deep in the jaw. This means that the roots of the teeth is much deeper than our teeth developed. Gradually, as the teeth are worn , the buried in the outside portion maxillary lot . And , in old horses , the tooth root is the same level as the surface of the gum. Each tooth can be abraded between 2.5 and 5 cm without however losing the ability to chew. We can guess the age of the horses from the greatness of this abrasion. So now think a little : if our Lord had not with horses such a feature, they lose their teeth in a very short time and would have starved .

Our Creator has also provided the hair of horses in a very important property . Their bristles act as a thermostat for the temperature regulation in the body. Their body temperature must always be 38 degrees. To maintain this temperature, the hair of horses lie down during the cold winter days and they lose during the hot summer days and their body temperature remains constant .

Here is another interesting feature of the horses, they sleep standing up ! Do you know how they do not fall over when sleeping ? Their legs are locked and thanks to this property , horses are able to sleep standing up and carry the heaviest loads. For men who fall asleep on the chair can not even keep their head tilt.
The horses' legs are created in a special way , to carry heavy loads but also to run faster. The horses have no clavicle that exists in other animals . This allows them to make greater strides . In addition , the legs of the horses are fitted with a muscular structure that increases their ability to move and at the same time reducing the energy they consume . The operation of these mechanisms can be compared to that of the system in the motor speeds . As the speed of a car that accelerates increases, also increasing their horses galloping speed . While the energy consumed in the thrust decreases, the range of motion increases.
So why is it that the bodies of horses are designed to carry very heavy loads and running quickly ? In fact, these are not properties that serve much the horse. So why is it that horses have these properties ?
The answer is very simple. These properties are given to horses , not for themselves but to be useful to men. That is to say that the horses are created with these traits to serve humanity . Allah tells us this truth in the verse below:

And cattle He has created for you, you get out of (clothing) and other hot profits. And you eat too. They will look beautiful when you drive them home in the evening, and also in the morning when you let go for grazing. And they carry your heavy loads to lands that you could not reach with difficulty . Truly, your Lord is Compassionate, Merciful. And horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride , and pageantry . And He creates what you do not know . ( Surat an-Nahl : 5-8 )