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I like the salty breeze of the sea. The touch of sand. The smell of freshly pare grass. I like to sit on the terrace of a sunny day reading a book. I like my friends. Some of the few I have. There are few people who deserve the epithet of "friend". One should assign it carefully. I love my parents, for all they have given me. I like football. Tenis too. I appreciate the candour and sense of humour in other persons. And I hope to travel. Without a guide or agency, but with a map. And a consort if possible. To discover different places and new people. I like to sit on the couch, next to the fireplace, in one of these winter days, watching the drops of water running down the window.

Je recherche

Well right now my priority is to find a room in a share apartment somewhere in central Geneva, so if you can help, I'll appreciated... (Une chambre en colocation dans Genève. C'est urgent!)

Je propose

Friendship, respect, honesty, sincerity, passion, open-mindness, enthusiasm, resilience