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"And as words go out of sight into mind They go out of heart into thoughts unkind." "Though to lie is to create, not destroy Lies do not add up, and one truth ends all." "The world can be said in words lest you lose yourself in a whorl of wordiness." "Puppets of providence were we tonight." "For all the worldly wisdom in my head I am a fool at heart."

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Everything and nothing.
dems 13.01.2010 à 22:12
.... ich war kurz hier... gruss gruss gruuuss - la gioja
mezzaluna 04.01.2010 à 12:57
farfalla85 28.12.2009 à 00:49
hi! thanx
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu 24.12.2009 à 04:50
Herr_Schneemann_und_das_Iglu hat auf dein Profil einen Schneemann gebaut.
bary_kim 21.11.2009 à 17:27
gib mal einen laut von dir......
AngieSchwarzenbach 30.05.2009 à 17:53
nice blog. It's got the right amount of disturbia.
oasis20 18.03.2009 à 23:42
naja, soweit ich weiss könnten wir ja Geschwister sein oder so
livvi 12.03.2009 à 23:02
hey lazyhead, what's up with ya? no news on the blogfront? and here i thought you'd be a ray emanating from the bright future. hehe.
oasis20 07.02.2009 à 11:05
thanks, mate. PS: Matches are the devil's playthings
bary_kim 12.11.2008 à 22:35
kannst du gut tennis spielen?
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