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Graduated from King's College London (University of London) with three degrees in: International Relations, Art History & German Literature

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Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times. (Elliott Erwitt)



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Ich bin britischer professioneller Berufsfotograf und Unternehmer. Des Weiteren bin ich Nichtraucher, leidenschaftlicher Teetrinker und ruhiger Bücherwurm.

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Currently I am seeking women of all ages interested in being photographed as part of one or more of my following photography projects: *** My Tattoos and Why *** My Favourite Woolly Jumper *** If you are interested please contact me via Skype: drcaffeine1

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Professional Contemporary Photographic Commissions featuring: Portraits, Weddings, Sensual Nude & Semi- Nude Fine Art Boudoir Photography, Landscapes, Inanimate Objects, Product Photography, Abstracts, Street Photography and Photography Courses.

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The day I arrived in Antarctica and met the Emperor Penguins.
ashley30 17.09.2016 à 18:18
mein Name ist Ashley antworten Sie bitte auf

per E-Mail (

so kann ich Ihnen meine Bilder schicken


my name is Ashley please respond to

my email (

so i can send you my pictures

Lioness_of_Aquitaine 11.03.2014 à 22:58
true... nice photo equipment
piny 19.02.2011 à 15:39
My compliments to some of ur remarkable pix!
schoenewiese 18.02.2011 à 21:51
@ Sofamaedchen: That's very sweet of you. Thanks!
schoenewiese 13.02.2011 à 00:17
Hiya Voyage! Let's just bear in mind excessive temperature doesn't do any good either and usually leads to delusions of grandeur...
Lioness_of_Aquitaine 10.02.2011 à 11:51
Wednesday sounds good...
Lioness_of_Aquitaine 10.02.2011 à 11:44
My Mum told me not having coffees with strangers... convince me to disobey her
Just kidding... what period of time do you have in mind?
Lioness_of_Aquitaine 10.02.2011 à 11:38
Hi Dr.Caffein, here's my serious answer: I started dating to relax and distract me from reading books. My Mum said I should go out and get a life