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Schwedin (L) Schweiz
arenzo 08.08.2011 à 18:08
arenzo vient de se promener sur ton profil.
dzonsy1 04.07.2011 à 23:41
i am C, u wanna change
Dave2000 20.01.2011 à 23:48
I love schwedin
fischchopf 12.01.2011 à 23:24
fischchopf hat auf dich einen Schneeball abgefeuert!
schresu 27.10.2010 à 21:11
you are so beautiful
thasam 29.08.2010 à 14:10
hehe, kiss, quite old school but very cool those guys. yeah, i usually go to concerts when ever i can. but at the moment there arent any concerts as far as i know. and i am gonna move in a flat with a couple of friends so at the moment im a little short of money : )
thasam 28.08.2010 à 15:52
yeeeha, i like haste the day and still remains, cool bands. do you go to metal concerts a lot?

just found another cool song : )
thasam 27.08.2010 à 13:49
thasam 27.08.2010 à 04:03
hey, u r still in swiTZerland? : ) hot picture u have there! seems like u like to UNdress? ; )
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