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26. Octobre 2016, 17:41 International

How to keep up with the economy shifting East?

students Redaktion - Merge yourself into the fascinating world of Business and the cultural hub of Hong Kong! Let us introduce you the opportunity to interact with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

We all know with the rise of Asia, the world's economic centre of gravity has shifted to the East: Asia now makes up more than 60 percent of the world’s population, is the fastest-growing region and has three countries among the Top 10 global economies, including China as the second largest economy.

Hong Kong, gateway to Mainland China, is strategically at the heart of Asia, alongside many of the region's most exciting business markets.

Why not gain the 26th best MBA in the world while merging into the Asian culture in the Eastern business capital, Hong Kong? Let us introduce you the Chinese University of Hong Kong and their MBA program, which is the first in all of Asia.

At CUHK you will benefit from:
  • Highly practical entrepreneurship training by seasoned leaders
  • Personalized career coaching and mentoring to reach your career goals
  • Group of elite students with diverse backgrounds to start networking

Join us online November 3 to learn all about this unique opportunity and how it will benefit your career advancement.

During the webinar, you will hear more about your possibilities of becoming an international professional while enjoying the vast cultural aspects of Hong Kong, China. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and get answers right away from the staff and alumni of the University.

Don’t miss the opportunity and register now to save your spot.