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16. Oktober 2011, 20:02 Interview

Interview: Beady Eye

Carlo Clivio - Nichts deutete eine gute Stunde vor Konzertbeginn auf den jähen Abbruch nach fünf Songs des Konzerts von Beady Eye hin. Ein gut gelaunter Liam Gallagher beantwortete mit den Bandmitgliedern die Fragen von

Interview: Beady Eye
Zum Konzert gibt es eigentlich nicht viel zu sagen. Ein Brei aus verschiedenen undefinierbaren Instrumenten erreichte das Zürcher Publikum überhaupt nicht. Hatte der Tontechniker nichts im Griff? Wurde beim technischen Equipment gespart? Anyway. Gut, war der Spuk nach 20 Minuten vorbei. Man konnte sich nämlich nicht entscheiden, was mühsamer war: Liams Geröhre oder der undefinierbare Soundbrei …

Interview mit Liam Gallagher (Gesang), Andy Bell, Gem Archer (beide Gitarre) und Chris Sharrock (Schlagzeug)

Students: You had three weeks off and are now back on the road. Anything special you experienced in during your holidays?
Gem: We had really three weeks off?
Andy: Yeah man, I had two and half. I enjoyed my kid.
Chris: The usual kind of october-sun-turn.
Liam: Nothing special. Everything as usual.

Any chance to watch a football game? Especially as Man City is at the top.
Liam: Fucking no. No time.
Andy: I was watching a football game. Arsenal. But I have to say: I don’t support Arsenal. Can’t remember against whom they were playing ... but it was a good game. Oh yes, Olympiakos it was.

You had a busy year. Are you still mad fer it?
Liam: Definitely yes, man. I’m looking forward for the show tonight.

Or are you looking more forward to your stay at the Dolder Hotel?
Andy: Is it the one upon the hill? The one we slept last time?
Liam: Yes, it fucking is. We can’t afford it anymore.

Looking back, you reached almost everything with Beady Eye this year. Success with your album, world tour, Slots at all the big festivals ... what’s next?
Liam: A break after the tour ends and then by the end of January writing the next album.
Gem: We haven’t actually stopped. We could after touring this album. We’ve done a lot of touring and we could carry on and play Australia and other places. But we want to get along with the next album.

What's it going to sound like?
Chris: We haven’t done it yet. So I don’t have any clue at the moment.
Liam: Melody, a lot of beautiful melodies, guitars, drums, bass ...

Rock’n’Roll as well?
Liam: Of course, man. Always will be. We like Rock’n’Roll. It’s the only form of music we like. And that’s what we do.

Sounds good. All those singles, available online as limited editions, accompanied by a video and stuff like this helped to get attention. Can I say that the start of Beady Eye was a huge marketing success that worked?
Andy: In the big picture, yes.
Gem: Basically we are happy with the music. The tunes themselves sound fucking great when we’re playing them around the world.
Liam: The 7-inch-singles were our first steps as new band. So far so good man.

Is there anything special planned in the near future besides the album?
Gem: The Berlin-Gig will be filmed and streamed live on the internet.
Andy: Is there anything else? I don’t think so ... just the concerts.
Liam: We brought out several singles, four singles, five singles – whatever it is. We’re done now. Anything else now, I think, would be overkilling. We are just gonna go and play the gigs of the tour and then coming back bigger and better next year. That’s the plan.

So far so good. Thanks for the interview.

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