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11. Juli 2013, 00:00 Aus- und Weiterbildung Campus

What will get your career going immediately?

students Redaktion - Employers want graduates who are job-ready. Hult International Business School gives you the experience you need.

Today’s global economy expects students to be global citizens and the economy rewards people who can traverse borders, understand cultures, and operate in international contexts. The number of Master students in Switzerland is growing rapidly (+5 %) until 2016. So, how can you differentiate from other students to compete in the global job market?

A CEO survey of Top 100 European companies (2012) resulted that companies look for students with:

1. International network
2. International experience
3. Charisma & Leadership skills (antenna & decisiveness)
4. Higher Education (planning, analyzing, execution).

How do you get all of those in one? Hult International Business School. The world’s most international business school. Join the September 2013 Intake

Hult is the world’s most international business school with campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai, and global rotation centers in New York and São Paulo. Hult offers four practical, business-focused programs including the Master of International Business, Master of Finance, Master of International Marketing and Master of Social Entrepreneurship. Continuing its rapid ascent in business school rankings, Hult is ranked #1 for Post-graduation Percentage Salary Increase and Return on Investment by The Economist (2012) and in the Financial Times Top 10 for International Business, International Experience, and International Mobility (2013).

Limited seats available for the Master of International Business in San Francisco, Dubai, Shanghai and London for September 2013.

Hult provides students with a truly global experience where they can work alongside peers hailing from 135 countries and speaking 105 languages. With Global Campus Rotation students have the opportunity to select their home campus and then spend up to three months studying at two others.

With a focus on practical, business education, Hult empowers students to develop real-world skills by completing a six-week Action Project for a leading company or non-profit. Don’t miss your chance to apply for a place this September 2013.

VIDEO: Master Programs

VIDEO: Global Rotations

VIDEO: Stephen Hodges

Check the Hult homepage for more information.


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