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27. Mai 2016, 12:07 Aus- und Weiterbildung Campus International

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students Redaktion - Study a Global BBA at a top ranked French Business School in the heart of Paris. Are you looking to begin your studies?

There are a lot of Business study programs and it is challenging to identify one that is just right for you and your future career plans. EMLyon Business School is the second best Business School in France and ranks 64th in the worldwide list of best Business Schools (November 2015, The Times Higher Education).

The Global BBA is a four-year Bachelor’s program including an internship period and an exchange abroad, providing you with all you need to start your academic and professional career. The program runs in four different campuses: Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai and Saint-Étienne, which offers the students the opportunity to experience even more.

What is unique about the Global BBA at EMLyon?

What sets the school apart is its ability to educate with a practical approach utilizing real business world simulations and group projects. The Global BBA program follows the School's entrepreneurial philosophy and focuses in preparing you for the world of Business Management.

At EMLyon it’s all about preparing future entrepreneurs: The School's philosophy of learning and development will allow you to achieve your full potential, develop your curiosity and openness to the world, a desire to learn and willingness to contribute in a responsible way whilst gaining the know-how allowing you to thrive professionally.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad early on in your Bachelor phase will definitely set you apart when looking for work later on. Not only will you be prepared for your future career through the studies, living abroad will teach you about yourself, the diversity of the world and it will broaden your view of life, not to mention all the international friends you will make along the way!

If you wish to secure a spot in the top Business graduates and thus ensure a great future career, join our online info-session! In the webinar you will hear the University personnel as well as current students telling you more about the program, how to improve your application and what it is like to study at EMLyon in Paris. The webinar takes place May 31 at 17.00 Paris / 16.00 London / 11.00 New York / 18.00 Moscow.

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