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icon x Room near Seebach
Honigstrasse, 8052 Zurich

WG-Zimmer: Room near Seebach


Honigstrasse, 8052 Zurich

I rent room near one minute from station Birch-Glatttalstrasse, 7min walk from Seebach, about 10min by tram from Oerlikon. Room is furnished and part of the two-floor house with garden. There are two more tenants, both friendly guys who like playing board games and study Physics and Computer Science at ETH. The room is available from 23rd of May until mid-September. You need to be a student because of house regulations. Feel free to contact me for any additional information.
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Miete: 550 pro Monat
Zimmer: 1.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 17 m²
Frei ab: 23.05.2020
Frei bis: 15.09.2020