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Schuppisstrasse 2, 8057 Zürich

WG-Zimmer: WG Zimmer Berninaplatz


Schuppisstrasse 2, 8057 Zürich

Hi there!

A room (10.5m2) in our lovely shared flat will be available from 15.05. Connectivity with the tram lines 9, 10 and 14 is great. We're very close to Irchel. :)

The flat:
The common areas are quite large as shown in the pictures. We have 2 bathrooms and a visitors toilet, a bike stand in the garage and a cellar.
We are looking for:
Someone fun, who enjoys spending evenings together with his/her roommates from time to time. So tell us about you! Who are you? We are looking forward to hearing from you.
We are:
Jan (25) is currently doing his PhD in neuroscience at Universität Zürich. He loves chess, tennis and all sorts of physical activities. David (26) is a medical doctor and currently studying dentistry as a second degree. He has a passion for the gym and electrical engineering.
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Miete: 1047 pro Monat
Zimmer: 4.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 11 m²
Frei ab: 14.05.2021
Frei bis: Unbeschränkt