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icon x Room for rent near Wollishofen from July 18 to Sept 18,2017
35 Tannenrauchstrasse, 8038 Zurich

Wohnung: Room for rent near Wollishofen from July 18 to Sept 18,2017


35 Tannenrauchstrasse, 8038 Zurich

Furnished WOKO apartment available from 18 July 2017 to 18 September 2017. The building is situated in 35 Tannenrauchstrasse and the nearest bus stop is 2 mins away and Wollishofen train station (6 minutes away).

This is a student house where you would get an opportunity to meet with lot of students of different background. Rest assured, your stay here would be fun.

The area of the room is 14m2 and comes with bed+mattress, revolving chair, study table, book stand, cupboard, coat hanger and table lamp. The room is eligible only for students who meet the WOKO criteria.

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone for visiting the room and if you need any further information. My email is sreejithlaluzh@gmail.com.
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Miete: 360 pro Monat
Zimmer: 1.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 14 m²
Frei ab: 18.07.2017
Frei bis: 18.09.2017