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Carlo Losavio The exceptional Italian guitarist Carlo Losavio was born near Rome in Italy . Growing up in a musical family he undertook his first steps into the world of music at the tender age of 5. At age 14 he started his regular studies as a young autodidact before entering the class in Jazz Harmony of Tony Russo (RAI Television Orchestra, drums and percussion) when 17. Three years later Mr. Losavio passed an audition at the pretigious C.A.P.S.T. music tech school in Rome. The programme of this school is closely related to the renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Los Angeles. In this time he was fortunate to play and study with such icons as Steve Vai, Scott Henderson, Vinnie Moore, Mike Stern, Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Pietro Nobile and Frank Gambale. In 2006 Carlo Losavio is selected by the important Italian guitar review“ Chitarre“ for the 9th Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana (Spain), where he appeared with Al Di Meola before a large audience. (One notable menber of the jury was Steve Howe from YES.) In 2007 Mr. Losavio was selected to accompany the known American jazz/soul singer Wendy D. Lewis whcih were very successful. A couple of years later he proved to be the secret “King of the Blues Bar“ during his stay in England. In these years Mr. Losavio played in the famous clubs of Soho - in the Blues Bar, at Ronny Scott‘s, in the Marquee Club as well as in The Spice of Life. After his return to Italy Carlo Losavio formed his jazz/rock/funk band Master Funk Trio with Mimmo Colucci at the drums and Piero Boggia at the bass. Among the many concerts in Italy there is the MFT ‘s appearance at the noted Fasano Jazz Festival of 2011 which also hosted Steve Hackett from GENESIS. For several years Carlo Losavio worked at his debut album as a soloist which he finally released in 2011 unter the title A Love Called Music. All the instrumental pieces on it were composed, aranged and recorded by Mr. Losavio himself. Italian reviewers were very favorable to Mr. Losavio‘s self-produced CD - one of them simply called him “il talento.“ Carlo Losavio maintains professional contacts to Switzerland, and so it came that he had the rare opportunity to play with the American funk-pioneer Lee Ritenour at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2011- 2012 and Umbria Jazz 2013.
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