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Routine, routine

Routine, routine


Routine, routineComme l'Asie et l'ArgentineT’es si loin que moiComme le second fils pour le ChinoisTu me laisse un gros regret:Je te cherche et chercheMais je ne serais jamais comme Maigret;Le mal garderait son être derche.Routine, routineTu es comme... [plus]
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Je ne le dévoile pas

"It’s up to you to turn their failure in our victory."


24.06.2018 à 10:20

Fight for the people,

fight for the one who couldn’t,

fight for the one who failed.

They might be defeated, but they gave you the torch.Now it’s up to you to turn their failure into a victory.

The real failure is your blindness.

If there’s a death, there must have been a life before.Don’t get mad, don’t let your feelings change.

Fight for who is important to you.

Fight for everyone you do believe in.Rest in days you got bad mood.

Not everyone will live until he sees what you’ve done.

You can track the start, for who’s next to you.