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Master Communication Design
HKB Hochschule der Künste

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i like stupid pictures.

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more stupid pictures.

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Awesome moment, amazing knowledge, incredible party, fantastique laugh, brilliant conversation, epic sex, unbelievable advice and of course, unreal friendship.

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Well, i feel more aesthetic when i drank a Gin Tonic.
catholique 18.09.2015 à 11:04
Ton profil est sympa, bisous.
JulieStar 11.05.2015 à 15:58
Ton profil est sympa, bisous.
JulieStar 11.05.2015 à 15:48
très sympa ton profil, bisous !
Mr_Ergo 26.12.2014 à 00:31
Can't handle my cool!
barbaraloca87 09.01.2012 à 22:02
hexy whats up? still spreading love?
SoberRain 26.05.2011 à 22:57
thank you really like that song, definitely gonna take a closer look at that band! if you know more such great songs feel free to tell me about them
btw these pictures are nice too
barbaraloca87 19.05.2011 à 06:50
Yeah we're are all here to spread love and show the swiss ppl how not to worry about everything!!!! and just enjoy life! we will make it!
greet and enjoy
barbaraloca87 18.05.2011 à 19:24
ps: no one here is you!
barbaraloca87 18.05.2011 à 19:23
naha, i work at 7:30 and have to give my daughter away cause i'm a lonely mum, looking for a roommate to share my rent...
Acatrix 18.05.2011 à 18:50
Nice pic
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