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23. Juin 2016, 14:05 Infos Campus

Why study International Management?

students Redaktion - Deciding your study direction is crucial as it defines a lot for your future career. When making the decision, you should ask yourself some of the following questions: can you continue further educating yourself, what kind of work can you do after graduating, what are your advancement opportunities?

Why study International Management?
To start with, it is obviously important that you find something you are interested in and think you could be good at. One point students often ponder on is whether the field of study is wide enough to keep future employment possibilities as good as possible - especially as we live in a world where professions are constantly changing and even becoming obsolete for example due to technology development.

It would be a good idea to consider a broad study field such as International Management. Many Business Schools and Universities offer different specializations within the Degree abling students to focus on their fields of interest, be it Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting or possibly much more.

To give you an example of a reputable Master’s program in International Management, we want to introduce you to EBC Hochschule.

Why should you study your Master’s in International Management at EBC in Berlin?

* Real world experiences – internships, case studies & company projects
* International opportunities - exchange semesters & dual degree options
* Global minded people – at home and abroad
* Top facilities in top locations – did we mention the rooftop terrace?

Join us online July 12 to hear all about the program and weigh your options in making a smart career move. More information and registration by clicking here.