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5. November 2014, 00:00 Konzert Music

Kasabian im Interview

Eray Müller - Kasabian machten auf ihrer "48:13"-Tour Halt in der MAAG Halle Zürich. unterhielt sich vor dem Konzert mit Sergio Pizzorno über die aktuelle Tour, die (Un)wichtigkeit von Awards und darüber, ob es auf die Grösse ankommt.

Kasabian im Interview
Hi Sergio, how is the tour going?
We're having an amazing time. Especially the gigs in Italy - in Rome and Milan - have been great. The people there are so emotional and full of passion.

This show had to be downgraded because the original venue was too big. You’re used to doing shows in all sizes. Does size matter?
No, size doesn't really matter. You can play a big show that is not good and you can play a small show that is great. It's nice to have them all, the small club gigs in front of a few hundred people and the big outdoor shows like Glastonbury or Victoria Park in Leicester last summer with 50'000 people. As long as the audience is with us, we're happy to play anywhere.

In what way was doing album no. 5 different?
Well, I have a home studio now. That's probably the only thing that was a bit different. Recording the album was a torture as usual. But still, it's what I am and what I like to do and I couldn't live without it. FInishing an album is such a great feeling. And then you want to go back on the road and play the new songs live. And when you're on tour, you're craving for the studio again to try out your new ideas.

When we did an interview about seven years ago, you told me that you didn't care a lot about awards. Recently, you won the Q Awards for „Best Live Act“ and „Best Act In The World Today“. What do these awards mean to you?
It's still not the most important thing. You shouldn't do music just for the award's sake. Of course, it's great to get these awards because you get validated in a way but there wouldn't change a lot within Kasabian if we didn't get any awards.

Are you coming back to Switzerland next summer?
If there's a festival that wants to have us and if there's a decent slot, we'd like to come back. But right now, it's too early. We haven't really decided what we're going to do after the tour.

Thanks for the interview, have a great gig!

Hier geht's zum Konzertbericht.

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