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icon x WG Zimmer in Villa mit Privatbalkon
Germaniastrasse, 58, 8006 Zurich

WG-Zimmer: WG Zimmer in Villa mit Privatbalkon


Germaniastrasse, 58, 8006 Zurich

I'm renting out my room for the next 10 months, until the 31.03.2021, with the option to lengthen the duration of your stay. The room is located in a huge house at Zürichberg, with a great view over Zurich. The room also comes with a private balcony, from which you can see up to Altstetten.

Our shared house consists of 6 people, Alexandra (27, f) consultant and foodie, Tereza (26, f) medical adviser and baking artist, Francesco (29, m) doctor and WG cook, Tino (33, m) PhD in mechanical engineering and cyclist, Signe Lin (26, w) PhD student in mechanical engineering.

The house itself offers many opportunities for retreat, since we are often on the road, both professionally and privately. Everybody has a busy everyday life, but appreciates the social life in a shared flat.

The rent for the room is CHF 1400, additional expenses for electricity, wifi, cleaning lady once a week are CHF 160. If of interest, you can PM me
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Miete: 1400 pro Monat
Zimmer: 1.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 17 m²
Frei ab: 01.06.2020
Frei bis: 31.03.2021