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icon x Looking for someone to take my contract from May
Eleonorenstrasse 11, 8032 Zürich

WG-Zimmer: Looking for someone to take my contract from May


Eleonorenstrasse 11, 8032 Zürich

Hello everyone, The flat is really comfortable and the room and kitchen are quite big. You will share the kitchen with another male and female person who is in their second year and they are very respectful and friendly and they are very easy to get along with.  I am renting this room because I will be studying abroad. The room is available from April 15 or May onward. Drop me an email if you’re interested!
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Miete: 600 pro Monat
Zimmer: 1.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 19 m²
Frei ab: 01.05.2021
Frei bis: Unbeschränkt