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icon x Great location close to city centre and nature
Hardeggstrasse 11, 8049 Zürich

WG-Zimmer: Great location close to city centre and nature


Hardeggstrasse 11, 8049 Zürich

The room is 15 m2 large. It's part of a 4-room apartment, 3 of which are in regular use. It's an amazing feeling to have a morning cup of coffee on the balcony contemplating the river that is only 20 m away and where it is also possible to swim during the summer months! Sport facilities (football pitch, basketball court, etc.) are just next to the apartment and the area along the river is a perfect place for jogging or simply chilling out. At the same time, Zurich HB is easily reached by tram 17 in just 10-15 minutes.The location is worth every cent! The apartment also has a very big cellar. The furniture can be taken over for a tiny fraction of their original price. Both short and long term rent periods are fine with us and the notice period is just one month, anyways. Please drop us a short email to get in touch.

We are looking for an easy-going and social person. We do not plan to schedule large castings and would prefer to swiftly decide for a candidate without a whole, lengthy procedure. If you are not yet in Switzerland, we can also have a short video chat via online channels.
Haris (Bosnian) is an architecture PhD student at the ETH and Leon (Croatian) is currently working at Disney in research department. Both Haris and Leon are very easy-going and they wouldn't mind doing things together, like for ex: cooking, sports.
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Miete: 800 pro Monat
Zimmer: 4.0 Zimmer
Grösse: 15 m²
Frei ab: 01.06.2017
Frei bis: Unbeschränkt